1. Going to start a throwback to AP art days and old artwork that is currently sitting in my basement collecting dust. Need a little inspiration. Happy Sunday! #selfportrait #collage #oldart #inspiration


  2. Big eyes, bright light @lizvonhoene @bigstudiorental


  3. Cara Hertneky you are the greatest best friend in the world 💛


  4. For the past month I have had the pleasure to photograph looks for @jenniferhazelton ‘s company Crocus Couture. Check out their new site to see my images and shop around! @crocuscouture @jennifercnieman @rachelzehner @alexislou


  5. That’s a wrap! Had a blast with these gals today. Can’t wait to share…hopefully published !


  6. Regram from @crocuscouture and a little preview of what the new designs/site branding will look like. Can’t wait to work with this girl again tomorrow! @rachelzehner


  7. @rachelzehner @jennifercnieman #crocuscouture #behindthescenes


  8. Ha I look like I’m four.. But Rachel makes everyone look small. Thanks for an awesome shoot today with @crocuscouture I am so thankful I get to work with awesome people like you @jenniferhazelton @rachelzehner @jennifercnieman


  9. Good morning BIG studio. Back to back double header shooting for me….Let’s go


  10. Eide Magazine asked me to do a short profile on Vintage Frozen Custard, which is Atlanta’s first custard food truck. It really hit the spot after a hot day shooting. Make sure you try some if you’re in the Atlanta area!